I love Emperor penguins: their humbleness, perseverance, and their daily survival battle against nature at one of the most desolate places on earth.  Male emperor penguins in Antarctic are responsible for incubating their eggs. They stand with a single egg on their feet in 24-hour darkness in a vast land of ice.  They wait without movement for their female mates to return, often with no food for more than two months, resulting in losing more than thirty percent of their body weight. 


In Spite of these harsh conditions, the penguins have continued this cycle of life for millions of years.  In 2017 CBS news reported that penguins are disappearing from Antarctica due to climate change.  It is reported that the population of penguins has declined by 85 percent in the past 43 years.  Climate change is happening just like climate scientists have predicted.  My work is to remind us that it is our duty to maintain a sustainable world for the penguins and for all children.